• I am 56 and for more than 35 years I suffered from frequent episodes of epileptic attacks, sometimes up to 3 per week. According to doctors, there was no known cause, and I suffered a lot because I could have an attack at any time or place, without notice. In addition, it had other health problems: sciatic pain for many years, and I felt very tired. A friend recommended Helenka to me and i went to visit her. After the second session I haven’t had more attacks, and it’s been more than six months! A few more sessions and the sciatica and fatigue also disappea red, I feel like a different person. What more can I say? It is amazing how after so many years i can lead a normal life. I am very grateful to her.
  • After five years trying to have a child and several medical visits without success, we decided to try some kind of treatment that was more natural, and then we contacted Helenka. At every visit she valued the adequate treatment; she treated us with acupuncture, herbal medicine, qi going and biomagnetism. Since the first time her treatment was exceptional, and we will always be grateful that her help i got pregnant, and we already have been parents of a wonderful girl for the last four months. Our experience has been very positive and without a doubt we recommend her treatments to other couples in our situation.
    Belén y David
  • I still can’t believe this but I have lived it in person. Virtually hopeless by other professionals in medicine, someone recommended Helenka to me and her treatment with magnets. I was surprised that she did not have any machines or anything electrical, that it seemed so simple... But the good thing is that I got cured
    of serious problems of vertigo (I could not even go out in the street), a type of hepatitis that, according to the doctors, could not be cured, psoriasis... And all this in just a few sessions! Currently I am very well, I have no more vertigo and my skin is perfect. Helenka also recommended a better diet for me and to detoxify my body. She’s a wonderful person, very friendly and humane. A great professional to whom I'll be forever grateful and will recommend it to all I meet. There should be more professionals as she.

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