What to expect in an acupuncture session?

In the first session, the professional makes a long list of questions about the general state of health, lifestyle, and the reason for the consultation. The patient should inform the professional about all the treatments and medication that has previously taken.

One of the most important methods of diagnosis in TCM is through the pulse in the patient’s wrists and through the tongue.

In the acupuncture session, the patient lies comfortably on the stretcher face up or face down according to the necessity of the treatment, when the parts of the body where the needles need to be applied are discovered. The needles are very thin, sterile, single-use only. At the time when the needle is put, it is desirable to note some feeling of numbness, tingling, slight electric current etc., that should disappear after a few seconds.

The needles are inserted for 20 minutes during the session (the length of time can vary depending on each case). During the session, the person will start relaxing and probably fall asleep.

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