• We spent so many years with fertility treatments to have children, many times in clinics with great prestige, going through expensive treatments with side effects, and also without success. Helenka was
    recommended to me, and after analyzing my situation with great professionalism, she recommended a treatment of biomagnetism first and then acupuncture to harmonize my hormonal system and strengthen the energy in general. She did the same with my partner. Finally, I got pregnant. Now we are happy parents and we feel sincerely grateful, both me and my whole family. I believe that it was no accident, because both her indications and systematic treatment have been for sure the key to our success. She is a person with great sensitivity, knowledge and professionalism.
    Mireia y Javier
  • I had a facial paralysis, and the movement in my face had been limited for some time. I went to visit Helenka after a friend’s recommendation. Helenka treated me with acupuncture (she told me that, had I come short after the paralysis, it would have been much better), and soon after not only the paralysis got
    better, but a general feeling of general tiredness that I had had for years decreased. I can also recommend Helenka as a Qi Gong teacher, since I also had the pleasure to be in several of her lessons. With them, I gained vitality and serenity, and now I have a strong and healthy baby. She’s a great person and professional.
  • I had a terrible lower back pain, and I could barely move. The treatments that I was given were not working, and they were causing me digestive problems. I was recommended to attend Helenka’s
    consultation, and after the first session I came out walking and with almost no pain. I was very skeptical, but after being treated with Helenka, I have changed my opinion completely. She is very professional, caring and kind.
    Sant Cugat
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