Wherever it’s possible, use natural medicine; wherever it’s unavoidable, use Western medicine.


  • We spent so many years with fertility treatments to have children, many times in clinics with great prestige, going through expensive treatments with side effects, and also without success. Helenka was
    recommended to me, and after analyzing my situation with great professionalism, she recommended a treatment of biomagnetism first and then acupuncture to harmonize my hormonal system and strengthen the energy in general. She did the same with my partner. Finally, I got pregnant. Now we are happy parents and we feel sincerely grateful, both me and my whole family. I believe that it was no accident, because both her indications and systematic treatment have been for sure the key to our success. She is a person with great sensitivity, knowledge and professionalism.
    Mireia y Javier
  • I am 56 and for more than 35 years I suffered from frequent episodes of epileptic attacks, sometimes up to 3 per week. According to doctors, there was no known cause, and I suffered a lot because I could have an attack at any time or place, without notice. In addition, it had other health problems: sciatic pain for many years, and I felt very tired. A friend recommended Helenka to me and i went to visit her. After the second session I haven’t had more attacks, and it’s been more than six months! A few more sessions and the sciatica and fatigue also disappea red, I feel like a different person. What more can I say? It is amazing how after so many years i can lead a normal life. I am very grateful to her.
  • After five years trying to have a child and several medical visits without success, we decided to try some kind of treatment that was more natural, and then we contacted Helenka. At every visit she valued the adequate treatment; she treated us with acupuncture, herbal medicine, qi going and biomagnetism. Since the first time her treatment was exceptional, and we will always be grateful that her help i got pregnant, and we already have been parents of a wonderful girl for the last four months. Our experience has been very positive and without a doubt we recommend her treatments to other couples in our situation.
    Belén y David
  • I still can’t believe this but I have lived it in person. Virtually hopeless by other professionals in medicine, someone recommended Helenka to me and her treatment with magnets. I was surprised that she did not have any machines or anything electrical, that it seemed so simple... But the good thing is that I got cured
    of serious problems of vertigo (I could not even go out in the street), a type of hepatitis that, according to the doctors, could not be cured, psoriasis... And all this in just a few sessions! Currently I am very well, I have no more vertigo and my skin is perfect. Helenka also recommended a better diet for me and to detoxify my body. She’s a wonderful person, very friendly and humane. A great professional to whom I'll be forever grateful and will recommend it to all I meet. There should be more professionals as she.
  • I went to Helenka’s consultation because I had been suffering from insomnia for many years, which began after a time of stress. I used to feel exhausted by not resting well, and this was also reflected in my mood: irritability, bad mood, and sometimes even depression. I also lost a lot of weight and I felt very weak. I was beginning to rely on sleeping medications that caused me discomfort and nightmares. After diagnosing me, Helenka told me that in my case it was convenient to use medicinal plants (phytotherapy), as she calls it, to nourish the energy of my body. She also requested me to target what I eat daily and, after studying it, she commented that it was not an adequate food for me, and recommended me a meal plan. Now I sleep very well (I have given up medication), I went back to my weight and i feel great. When I visited Helenka for the first time I didn't have much confidence that this treatment would help me being accustomed to conventional medicine only, but she conveyed to me a lot of trust and professionalism. It was obvious that she knew what she was doing, and that was the reason why I decided to start the treatment with her. I am very grateful to her because my life has improved considerably.
    Sant Cugat
  • I gained a lot of weight after giving up smoking. That scared me so I went back to smoking again and saw no solution to my problem. I had heard about Chinese medicine, acupuncture, etc. could help to stop smoking and lose weight so be sure to find a site in my city. Helenka to visit that I was treated with acupuncture to calm my anxiety and i recommended taking a natural medicinal plants. I also recommended changing a little of my power after you know what i eat. Spent a lot of time in each session that we had to explain what effect had each food in my body, and thus was learning things I had never heard of before. I was always overweight. Before, to lose weight, always read that had to take lettuce, lots of salad, and similar things.Also i went to sites dedicated to discussing the overweight but i had to do some very restrictive diets that i caused more anxiety and in addition, after came the opposite effect, fattened up even more. Helenka taught me how to eat well (taking into account my constitution and my metabolism) and now neither smoked nor you gain weight and i feel very well. I am grateful not only for helping me so much but by as i was and everything he taught me, for hours and hours. We recommend to everyone!
    Sant Cugat
  • Almost always I used to have digestive problems, up and down. I even quit going to the doctor because, indeed, they didn’t give me a solution after different tests, medicines, etc. I went to visit Helenka
    after a relative had cured his problems with her. First we did a few sessions of Biomagnetism. Helenka told me that I had different pathogen bacteria in my digestive tract, even parasites! And these were removed just by putting some magnets in my body. It was incredible! Very soon I started to feel better. When she knew what and how I was eating, she told me that if I kept on eating the same, I would get sick again. She helped me to change my diet (she explained everything very well but it is too long to tell here). She also recommended me to take some plants for several months. Now I don’t feel swollen, tired and in bad mood.
  • As a couple, we went to the Qi Gong workshop at the same time we were being treated with Helenka’s acupuncture and phytotherapy because we couldn’t have children. The doctors couldn’t find a cause but we had been trying for more than four years. Now we have a son and we are looking for the second! Helenka explained to us that our problem was happening at an energetic level and this is not measurable with the parameters of conventional medicine. We are so grateful! We recommend it to all the couples that can’t conceive!
    Mercé y Josep
  • I would have never imagined that a few sessions of mental calm and Qi gong, would not only be less anxious, but also improved my strength and vitality, feeling more cheerful. Now I practice at home every day and my life has completely changed. Helenka knows a lot and is noticeable from the first minute and passed calmly.
    Sant Cugat del Vallès
  • What a wonderful experience with Helenka, and the practice of Peaceful Abiding and Qi Gong! She’s an exceptional therapist, of great serenity, good sense of humour and she knows how to transmit her knowledge and calmness, while helping you to settle down, know yourself and your personal conflicts. She also explains very well what to do in every season to not get sick, how to eat well, and other practical information for everyday life. I recommend her without a doubt!
  • I had a facial paralysis, and the movement in my face had been limited for some time. I went to visit Helenka after a friend’s recommendation. Helenka treated me with acupuncture (she told me that, had I come short after the paralysis, it would have been much better), and soon after not only the paralysis got
    better, but a general feeling of general tiredness that I had had for years decreased. I can also recommend Helenka as a Qi Gong teacher, since I also had the pleasure to be in several of her lessons. With them, I gained vitality and serenity, and now I have a strong and healthy baby. She’s a great person and professional.
  • I had a terrible lower back pain, and I could barely move. The treatments that I was given were not working, and they were causing me digestive problems. I was recommended to attend Helenka’s
    consultation, and after the first session I came out walking and with almost no pain. I was very skeptical, but after being treated with Helenka, I have changed my opinion completely. She is very professional, caring and kind.
    Sant Cugat