How it is applied

What to expect in a session of Biomagnetism:

First we talk with the patient to find out the different physical and psycho-emotional imbalances in his health.

Afterwards, the patient, with his clothes and shoes on, lies down comfortably on the stretcher, and then all the altered biomagnetic pairs are tracked and identified, even those that apparently do not correspond with any problem or symptom described by the patient.

This examination is made with inactive magnets, not electrified or connected to electronic machines, which are put in various areas of the body. These magnets are made of natural ferrite and neodymium and they are of medium intensity.

Once these areas with the imbalance in the pH are recognized and confirmed, the magnets are put in the patient. They are always put in pairs, with the positive and the negative pole in specific points in the body and over the clothes during 20-30 min, usually simultaneously while the person remains in the stretcher, relaxed and calm. When the magnets are put on the people, they usually relax deeply and fall asleep during the session.

Depending on the problem, it will take between 1 and 3 sessions for acute alterations. In chronic problems, sometimes more sessions are necessary, distributed according to the opinion of the professional. However, the results are often noticed from the very first session.

After the session we invite the patient to observe changes in his physical and emotional state and we recommend (depending on the pathogens found) using a new toothbrush after the session of biomagnetism.