What is Biomagnetism

What is Biomagnetism?

Dr. Goiz defines biomagnetism as the set of loads that identify a disease, which is comprised of two main charges of opposite polarity, + and -, which are formed at the expense of the fundamental alteration of the pH of the bodies that support it.

The system consists in the examination of altered energy points in the human body, which together cause discomfort. This examination is made with magnets which are not electrified or connected to electronic machines, and which are applied in various areas of the human body as if it were a biomagnetic scanning.

The disease is located in the organ or tissue in imbalance between positive and negative charges. If this corrects the ionic alteration, the problem disappears, as it returns to the point of balance.

One advantage of this technique is that it does not focus on the symptoms that the person presents, but it fixes in the etiology. When the pathogen is directly detected, the patient’s improvement is extremely fast and effective.