Meditation / Peaceful Abiding

Meditation within TCM arises out of the Taoist philosophy and it is, in reality, an indispensable part of the energetic training itself (Qi Gong and the martial arts that emerged from this knowledge). The ultimate aim would be a deeper knowledge of ourselves, learning to manage our emotions and our mind.

The practice of Peaceful Abiding as an essential part of meditation is the basis of any work with energy. Our mind tends to be dispersed, accelerated and altered, and this mental state causes much of our discomfort.

Our thoughts are always linked to the past or the future, to our concerns, fears, and other difficult emotions that, without us realising it, come to dominate our whole life.

The practice of Peaceful Abiding meditation is a simple method, whose effectiveness has been proven over several thousands of years by many people. By practicing just a few minutes a day to calm our minds, meditation gives us incredible profits in our daily lives and enables us to enjoy, besides many benefits on the physical level, a greater serenity, efficiency and concentration.


  • As a couple, we went to the Qi Gong workshop at the same time we were being treated with Helenka’s acupuncture and phytotherapy because we couldn’t have children. The doctors couldn’t find a cause but we had been trying for more than four years. Now we have a son and we are looking for the second! Helenka explained to us that our problem was happening at an energetic level and this is not measurable with the parameters of conventional medicine. We are so grateful! We recommend it to all the couples that can’t conceive!
    Mercé y Josep
  • I would have never imagined that a few sessions of mental calm and Qi gong, would not only be less anxious, but also improved my strength and vitality, feeling more cheerful. Now I practice at home every day and my life has completely changed. Helenka knows a lot and is noticeable from the first minute and passed calmly.
    Sant Cugat del Vallès
  • What a wonderful experience with Helenka, and the practice of Peaceful Abiding and Qi Gong! She’s an exceptional therapist, of great serenity, good sense of humour and she knows how to transmit her knowledge and calmness, while helping you to settle down, know yourself and your personal conflicts. She also explains very well what to do in every season to not get sick, how to eat well, and other practical information for everyday life. I recommend her without a doubt!