Qi Gong Workshop

Qi Gong

Qi Gong is a set of millenary techniques from China that has been developed for more than 4 thousand years by the ancient Taoists. Qi Gong means energy and discipline or work, which means work with energy.

Qi Gong uses and combines concentration and conscious attention, physical movements and breathing that, when practiced with regularity, bring enormous benefits, achieving a balance between the physical and psycho-emotional, improving the quality of life and extending it.

In the courses, we first learn the technique of Peaceful Abiding to developan optimal concentration that subsequently lets you practice the different movements of Qi Gong in a more efficient way.

The place where these courses are taught is located in Sant Cugat’s Central Park, in a bright room, quiet and free of harmful waves. With a limited capacity, we assure a high quality teaching and personalized attention to each participant.

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