An integrative approach to disease

  • Search of physical, energetic, emotional, environmental, and other causes of imbalance.
  • Treatment of the causes and symptoms simultaneously whenever possible, with different methods, depending on each person.
  • Deep detoxification of the body in case of need by means of diets, phytotherapy and other methods.
  • Changes of habits; diet, activity/rest, mental functioning and emotional management.
  • Restoration of balance at all levels.

Listening and dialogue

  • It is essential to know all the aspects of the patient’s life in order to find out the possible causes that influence his or her discomfort.
  • Total discretion guaranteed.

Dedication of time

  • The time dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment is convenient, and it is adjusted to each person’s need.

Proximity and personalized attention

  • The patient and his illness are given all the attention and are taken care with empathy and professionalism.
  • Through the study of the patient’s constitution it is possible to accelerate the treatment to many levels.

Emergency care

  • In case of an urgent problem, the patient is treated with priority.

Collaboration with other professionals

  • Whenever it is required by the patient’s condition, he will be headed toward other health care professionals.